Hands shaking marking a sponsorship

OG Technologies Sponsors Stellar Validator Hercules

The last few months have been busy around Public Node.  In addition to onboarding two engineers to help run our validator nodes, we’ve been approached by multiple entities looking to support Public Node as well as seeking third-party partnership to help implement their blockchain-related products and services.

Our most recent collaboration was with OG Technologies, a well-established business renowned for delivering top-notch IT consulting services and solutions. Having identified the potential of the Stellar blockchain for their client offerings, OG Technologies reached out to support the Stellar network by sponsoring one of our validator nodes. This generous gesture makes them the second business sponsor for Public Node and effectively covers the hardware costs of Hercules, one of our three highest quality (Tier 1) full validator nodes.

Needless to say, we are thrilled that OG Technologies reached out to us and we look forward to seeing how they plan to utilize Stellar and other blockchain technology in their Web3 solutions.

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