Project Description

Update:  We shutdown Volans as it was no longer needed when we joined the Tier 1 validator pool.

Volans is a constellation represented by a Flying Fish.  In order to bring additional Internet Service Provider (ISP) diversity to our quorum set, as well as to the Stellar network as a whole, we launched Volans and Vela using Digital Ocean. Thus, we felt a fish fit well.  Further, Volans is located in Bangalore, India and the only way for a wild ocean-dwelling fish to get there would be to fly between the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal.  Finally, being Volans is on the lower end of the hardware requirements to run Stellar Core, we felt the small stature of a fish was of the right symbolic proportion.

Lyra Configuration
Protocol Stellar Core
Provider Digital Ocean
Type Cloud Dedicated CPU-Optimized
Location Bangalore, India
CPU 4 Intel
Disk 50GB SSD
Traffic 5 TB transfer
Cost per month $80