Project Description

Pyxis is a constellation that is represented by a mariner’s compass.  We felt that this name fit well for a server used to guide Public Node operations.  Specifically, one use of Pyxis is to provide monitoring and notification of the status of our hardware (Boötes, Hercules, Lyra, Volans, Vela, Apollo, and Artemis). Further, the stars that make up the constellation Pyxis – Alpha Pyxidis, Beta Pyxidis, and Gamma Pyxidis – are oriented in a near straight line, which we believe it symbolic of keeping everything synchronized and running well.

Lyra Configuration
Protocol Grafana
Provider OVH
Type Virtual Private Server
Location Gravelines, France
CPU 4 Core
Disk 320 GB NVMe
Traffic 1 Gbps unmetered
Cost per month $53