Project Description

Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and is recognized as being the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and the moon. She is the twin sister of Apollo, the Greek god of the Sun and light, truth, and knowledge. One reason we chose to name one of our first Horizon servers Artemis is because she is a twin and we launched two Horizon servers on the same day. Coincidentally, Artemis also has a significant presence in downtown Mexico City through the Diana the Huntress Fountain, which is within walking distance of the 2019 Stellar Meridian conference and Public Node’s beginnings.

We also loved her name because of its connection to NASA. While Apollo represents remarkable past accomplishments, Artemis represents the future and human accomplishments that will be. NASA’s Artemis program will put the first woman on the moon and will be the building block to put an astronaut on Mars. Again, like Apollo, the Artemis program is a human connection to space much like Horizon servers connect people to the Stellar network. Our Artemis server represents the future accomplishments of the Stellar network.

Artemis was upgraded on June 10th 2021 and Apollo turned off to better support the growing Stellar ledger.

Artemis Configuration
Protocol Horizon
Provider Hetzner
Type Dedicated bare-metal
Location Finland
CPU 32 Core Rome (Zen2)
Disk 8x 3.84TB NVMe SSD
Traffic 1Gbps unmetered
Cost per month €520 (~$567)