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Adding More Value.

We are continually looking for ways to bring more value to the general public and to our members that generously provide the ongoing funding necessary to deliver on our mission – to support and bring a public voice to open and inclusive blockchain networks.

Being that we are just starting out, we have a lot of growing to do in this area, be it through providing more robust infrastructure or through the creation of content focused on public education and awareness. More is certainly coming in both of these areas, but today we are pleased to announce a partnership geared towards providing more value on the latter.

Inside Stellar podcasts to include Public Node members’ segment.

Starting on February 2nd 2020, when Brian Goldberg will interview IBM’s Nitin Gaur, the Inside Stellar podcast will include a segment dedicated to asking questions provided by Public Node members. In order to foster an exchange of information, Brian will also ask his guests what they wished the general public (the users of the network and its applications) knew or better understood about their project or Stellar as a whole. This exchange of information helps further the Stellar discussion in two ways:

  • It provides Stellar leaders an opportunity to hear what’s on the mind of Pubic Node members; and

  • It provides Public Node members an opportunity to hear where Stellar leaders think the public could benefit from more education and awareness – something Public Node strives to deliver.

It’s a win win and something we are really excited about. Consistent with this excitement, we have already started collecting potential questions via our Keybase member team. So, if you have a question to ask, consider becoming a Public Node member and come join us on Keybase.

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