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Stellar nodes funded by community

Working together to support the open and inclusive Stellar network.

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About Public Node

Public Node is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit open-membership organization that supports and brings a trusted and meaningful public voice to the open and inclusive Stellar network.  Public Node accomplishes this through public education, infrastructure, awareness, advocacy, and other areas of engagement.  Your membership helps provide the funding necessary to deliver on our important mission.

Our mission is to provide an efficient way for the general public to support and be a part of open and inclusive blockchain networks.  We believe public support is important for open and inclusive networks, like the Stellar network and the internet itself, so that they can forever do what they were designed to do – provide undiscriminating access and benefit to all people.

The Future Power of the Stellar Network

In the future, we envision a Stellar network that is powered by many diverse entities. With Public Node, individuals and small businesses can be a part of that diversity and provide additional support to an open network that benefits all people.

Node Types

Benefits of Membership

Did you know?

Funding a full validator node is the single best way to support the Stellar network’s health and resilience.

Public Support

Feel good knowing you are financially supporting the open and inclusive Stellar network.


Members help Public Node decide how its nodes will vote on proposed protocol changes.

Sense of

Feel the reward of binding together with other people to support a common cause.

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Our Membership Plans

All plans allow members to vote on protocol proposals and will be provided one NODE for each month of membership.
Monthly memberships will automatically withdraw funds each month and can be canceled at any time.

Monthly XLM

  • Fixed XLM contribution regardless of market value
  • Automatically renews each month

Monthly USD

  • Requires an AnchorUSD Trustline and sufficient USD balance
  • No exposure to XLM market volatility
  • Automatically renews each month

Annual Cryptocurrency

  • Does not automatically renew
  • Pay with BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, XLM

Make a one-time contribution

One-time contributions that are less than 500 XLM do not come with membership benefits, but certainly do support our important mission.

Wallet Address:
Stellar wallet QR Code for publicnode.org


How does voting work?

An important part of membership is each member’s opportunity to vote on proposed changes to the Stellar protocol.

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Generally, how does voting work?2019-11-27T13:00:04-07:00

We are currently developing a robust voting system. In the meantime, each member receives one Public Node vote and the majority vote will determine how Public Node will vote on proposed Stellar protocol changes.

How do I vote?2019-11-27T13:00:15-07:00

Currently, voting is managed through an invite to a private Keybase.io team channel. This means a Keybase account is a requirement of being able to submit a vote. We expect this method of voting will change over time, particularly as membership grows and a more robust and automated system is needed.

When do I vote?2019-11-27T13:00:19-07:00

We will notify members of upcoming votes and deadlines through Twitter, our blog, and Keybase team.

Do I have to vote?2020-02-01T07:34:15-07:00

Nope. Only members with active memberships can vote, but a member can always choose not to vote. Members that do not vote (i.e., abstaining or forgetting) will not be counted when determining the membership majority.

Example of a voting majority.2019-11-27T13:00:35-07:00

A four member example

  • Two members vote to approve the proposed change.

  • One member votes against the proposed change.

  • One member does not vote and decides to sleep instead.

  • Public Node submits a vote to approve the proposed change.

What if there is an exact tie in the membership vote?2019-11-27T13:00:30-07:00

In the event of a tie (exactly 50% one way and 50% the other way), Public Node will submit a vote in support of the status quo – no change.

Example of a voting tie.2019-11-27T12:59:59-07:00

A four member example

  • One member votes to approve the proposed change.

  • One member votes against the proposed change.

  • Two members do not vote and decide to sleep instead.

  • Public Node submits a vote against the proposed change.

I’m a member, now what?

It kind of depends on you. We have stealth members that prefer to remain anonymous and we have members that choose to be very active in the Public Node community. We welcome both approaches and everything in between.

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